12 Arrowwood Court South Portland Maine

12 Arrowwood Court South Portland Maine
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

179. Mackworth Island:  An absolutely wonderful place to take a hike right near downtown Portland.

Enjoy the great scenic views, swing on the benches placed at perfect panoramic areas, build a fairy house, walk along the rocky shore.  http://www.trails.org/map_files/mackworth_page_description.html

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

178.. Krista's Restaurant in Cornish Maine:  Enjoy casual yet delicious dining on the screened porch.  Listen to the babbling brook and waterfalls just outside.  Colorful lanterns decorate the ceiling.  Great selection of gourmet burgers.  http://www.kristasrestaurant.com/

Thursday, July 28, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

177. East End Cupcakes on Fore St in Portland: Delicious moist dense cakes with light creamy frosting.  Several flavors every day and then specialties like carrot cake.  Check it out: http://www.eastendcupcake.com/cupcakes/cupcakes-overview

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RE/MAX: Customer Satisfaction!

Good morning,

I have extremely exciting news to share with you!

J.D. Power and Associates announced today that RE/MAX ranks highest in customer satisfaction, for both buyers and sellers, in its 2011 residential real estate survey.

That's right – we've earned the highest level of appreciation from BOTH groups of consumers, which is a remarkable statement about the Outstanding Agents in our organization.

I want to personally thank and congratulate every one of you for contributing to this prestigious recognition. It truly reflects your professional excellence, your enthusiasm for education, your commitment to distressed sellers, your individual drive, and many other qualities that serve the interests of your clients. Your efforts change lives, and those people have spoken.

Our team at Headquarters is working with J.D. Power and Associates to determine how we can use the results of the survey, as well as their name and logo. As soon as possible, we will let you know what the guidelines are.

In the meantime, celebrate this incredible achievement and enjoy the fact that once again you've proven yourselves to be the best in the business.


Sent by Dave Liniger, Chairman and Co-Founder, RE/MAX World Headquarters

5075 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO 80237
United States

Monday, July 25, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

176. Boat House Bistro, Boothbay Harbor, Maine:  I haven't tried the food here yet although the menu looks great but they have the best sangria ever!
It is a delicious blend including blueberries and pomegranate.
Enjoy a pitcher from their top deck overlooking the waterfront!

Friday, July 22, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

175. Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens in Boothbay:  glorious floral displays and rock gardens with water falls and ponds. http://www.mainegardens.org/

Advice from Emily

1. Never go behind a horse because you might get kicked.
2. Never hold an alligator or crocodile unless  their mouth is duct taped.
3. Never be bad to a pitbull because it will be bad to you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

174. Bintliff's Restaurant in Ogunquit~~Just a short trip from Portland, this bistro offers fine dining with an elegant decor.  If you arrive early, settle at the bar for a great drinl like this Cosmo.  We tried the specialty of the house--juicy prime rib.  http://www.bintliffsogunquit.com/index.shtml

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Treatment Options for Getting Rid of Insects

By: Brad Broberg

Published: March 10, 2010

There are safer pest control products on the market that use natural substances as active ingredients.
To get rid of wood-destroying insects (WDIs) and other pests, consider an approach—”integrated pest management”—that combines common sense with prevention techniques, conventional pesticides, and green alternatives, such as natural plant extracts and minerals.

Back in the late 20th century, spraying or pumping poisons became the widespread method of choice as home and garden pesticides grew into a $1.4 billion industry.

But today, amid growing concerns about the dangers of toxins to people, animals, and the environment, homeowners and pest-control professionals are looking for ways to reduce the amount of pesticides used by incorporating a range of treatments that are often less toxic but still effective.

Conventional pesticide treatment

With conventional pest control, the name of the game is extermination. The operator kills the insects with chemicals—often applied as sprays—and reapplies the pesticides on a regular schedule to prevent another infestation. That means you’re paying for treatment whether or not insects are actually present.

The risks of unnecessary exposure to pesticides aren’t to be taken lightly. While perhaps effective in the short run, pesticides have been shown to produce long-term consequences, including adverse effects on the endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems of people and animals. Children are especially sensitive to the toxins found in many pesticides because their immune systems, organs, brains, and nervous systems are still developing.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency regulates all pesticides for safety, they remain potentially deadly to humans and harmful to the environment—especially if misapplied.

A less-toxic approach

The new buzzword in the pest-control industry these days is integrated pest management. Rather than merely blasting pests with poisons, IPM uses a combination of strategies to control pests and includes homeowners as partners in the process.

IPM consists of three basic steps: identifying pests; preventing pests; and—as needed—treating them.

What to expect from a pest-control pro

Just because a pest-control company says it practices IPM doesn’t make it so. The first thing to look for is knowledge about pests. An operator must be able to tell different insects apart and understand their habits and habitats to decide how best to help you control them.

IPM stresses prevention. The pest-control representative should inspect your home for signs of infestation and then recommend steps you can take to eliminate pests by denying food, water, and access. Example: Deterring termites and carpenter ants by keeping the soil around your foundation dry.

Although prevention is the preferred solution, the professional may need to take immediate action to treat an existing infestation. That may include using pesticides, but only as a last resort against an active infestation and never as a matter of routine. Ongoing monitoring of pest activity by you and your pest control operator determines if or when pesticides are reapplied.

When using pesticides, the exterminator should choose the least toxic product possible, apply as little as possible, and treat the smallest area possible—just cracks and crevices, for example, instead of an entire baseboard. Baits—gels, pastes, and granules applied directly or contained in bait stations—are preferred over sprays because they reduce exposure to fumes and residue.

Natural alternatives

If you’re uncomfortable with even limited use of pesticides, ask the pest-control expert about products that rely on natural substances for their active ingredients.

Examples include boric acid, a naturally occurring mineral, and essential oils, derived from the natural defense systems of plants. Although slower acting than chemical pesticides, products made from natural substances can be highly effective.

A word of caution: Even pesticides made from natural substances can be harmful if mishandled. They are, after all, intended to kill living organisms. In addition, some products include chemical additives that make the natural substance more effective, but which also are toxic.

Costs vary

How much you’ll pay to solve your problem will depend on the type of insect, the size of the infestation, and the type and intensity of treatment. Many pest-control pros offer free inspections, but the bill for actual service can range from less than $100 to spot treat an ant nest to several thousand dollars to eradicate termites and offer ongoing protection.

Compare estimates from several pest-control companies. A few national pest-control companies, such as Orkin and Terminix, provide free online estimates. But the best way to find out the extent of your problem and the options available is to have an expert come to your home and do an on-site inspection.

Make sure the company is licensed and a member of a local, state, or national pest management association. You may also want to check the company’s status with state regulatory agencies for consumer affairs and agriculture.

Brad Broberg is a freelance writer from Federal Way, Wash. A former newspaper reporter and editor, he writes about business and real estate for a variety of publications including the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Read more: http://www.houselogic.com/articles/treatment-options-for-getting-rid-of-insects/#ixzz1SI8ME0rf

Scenes from 46th Annual Yarmouth Maine Clam Festival

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

173. Freeport Chowder House:  Delicious creamy chowders and fresh lobster rolls.  We enjoyed haddock and corn chowder!

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

172. Joe's Boathouse Restaurant~~great water and marina views and great food!  Menu includes choices of fresh seafood and other culinary delights like grilled chicken and pesto over penne pasta.  http://www.joesboathouse.com/ordereze/default.aspx

Monday, July 11, 2011

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

171:  Country Antiques in Kennebunkport:  Fun and interesting shop with wonderful folkart signs, decoys, lures.  Fine art paintings and furniture round out the shop.  Lovely back deck with river views, too.

Kennebunkport-Day trip from Portland

Don't miss this lovely town for walking, dining, shopping!

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

171: While enjoying the cute town of Kennebunkport, take time for lunch on the deck or under the tent at Arundel Wharf--delicious fresh sandwiches and soups. http://arundelwharf.com/

101 Things I Love about Portland Maine

170. Arundel flea market on route One outside of Biddeford offers a wide variety of collectible items including small furntiure and wooden boxes, old toys and games and jewelry.  Take time to hunt and poke around and you might fina treasure.  I found some nice old chocolate molds, shoe brushes and a standing shaving mirror with brush and soap holder.  Check out Offshore Salvage Booth for some interesting items and good prices!